Suzy and Hondo School of Dance

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  • PERFORMANCE – this is “Dancing With The Stars,” dancing for the judges or dancing where people are actively watching in an audience format. The dancing here takes on a level of precision and polish that can take days, weeks, months and even years to perfect.
  • PLEASURE – this is dancing for fun and joy … weddings, dinner parties, nightclubs, etc. The dancing here is specifically meant to be quick and easy and one can begin enjoying this activity right away.


Over the years we have come to the realization that the general public does not always recognize the difference. Often people are afraid to sign up for lessons because they expect to be doing the same thing they see on TV, stage or in the movies. Very few things ARE real in TV or the movies. It’s valuable to know, however, that a true BALLROOM dance studio will likely introduce elements of performance dancing as soon as possible – as their ultimate goal is to get as many of their students competing as possible. And that’s ok, it “turns the lights on!” And competition and showcase dancing offer valuable and exciting skills – to those who want them.

And this is where things get a bit confusing, because some true BALLROOM dancers choose not to compete. They call themselves SOCIAL dancers, but they are still learning and practicing the same skills required to BE a true BALLROOM (competitive/showcase) dancer. And that’s just fine. When it becomes “not fine” is when the big theatrical movements are executed on a small floor designed for people who are not competitive/showcase dancers. This is precisely WHY we coined the terms “Downtown Dance Style©” and “Uptown Dance Style. ©